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Sedum Roofs

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Sedum Roofs

Innovation in roofing technology can offer solutions with benefits that extend beyond buildings and sedum roofs are no exception. Also known as green or living roofs, sedum roofs consist of a layer of vegetation mounted on a substrate placed on top of a roof’s waterproof membrane. Considering a new project or looking to replace or improve an existing roof structure? Learn more about why a Sedum roof might be the right choice

What are Sedum Roofs?

Sedum is a group of over 400 species of plants renowned for being hardy, beautiful and an ally to nature. Also referred to as stonecrops reflecting their use in rock gardens, sedum plants have succulent, fleshy green stems and leaves and produce clusters of small, star-shaped flowers in summer and autumn. Low-growing species selected for roof installations tolerate shade, drought, full exposure to sunlight and freezing temperatures. Their colourful flowers are a top choice for pollinators including bees, butterflies and hover flies. It’s no wonder a variety called Atlantis won RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 Plant of the Year

Environmental and ecological benefits

Alongside pollinators, other wildlife will appreciate the newly created natural habitat of a Sedum roof – helping increase local biodiversity while creating an attractive view for anyone overlooking the roof. Sedum plants soak up to 80% rainwater in summer and up to 40% in winter improving roof drainage, restricting runoff and reducing the risk of ponding or flooding. They possess an immense ability to absorb air pollutants including carbon dioxide and trap particulates in their leaves. For all these reasons, local authorities can look favourably on Sedum roofs that meet their sustainability policies, helping improve your chance for a successful planning application.

Sedum Roofs

Improved thermal performance and energy efficiency

A sedum roof serves as an additional layer of insulation helping reduce heat loss and costs in colder months as well as reducing levels of external sound intrusion. In summer, solar energy is absorbed by the plants and diverted away from the roof membrane, leading to cooler temperatures inside. Boosting cost savings, the protective layer of soil and greenery keeps harmful UV light away from membranes and other roofing materials significantly extending the roof’s lifespan.

Sedum roofs are low maintenance and can be installed on any pitch roof while generating cost savings and making positive contributions to the environment. If you would like to include a sedum roof on your flat roof project, get in touch with All Roofing to discuss your requirements and request a free quotation.

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