Alwitra Flat Roofing

When considering flat roofing systems, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. There are several different types of materials used to construct flat roofs with key considerations including material performance, complexity of the structure and aesthetic. All Roofing works with each client taking into account their project’s usage, budget and local environment requirements to advise on the most appropriate type of roof covering. Informed by over 20 years industry experience, All Roofing’s most popular choice in roof coverings are waterproof membranes from German manufacturer Alwitra.

Alwitra Roofing

Why Alwitra Flat Roofing?

Flat roofs in the UK have seen their prominence increase in recent years as a versatile element of modern architecture. Responding to market demand, All Roofing has sourced waterproof membranes proven to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients with a focus on durability and flexibility. Established in 1964, Alwitra’s sole purpose has been the research and development of flat roof technology, leading the way in materials innovation.

Alwitra Flat Roofing Options

All Roofing installs Alwitra Evalon and Alwitra Evalastic waterproof membranes which come with a 20-year warranty. Alwitra Evalon single-ply membranes consist of a high polymer alloy of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate terpolymer) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a purpose-made thermoplastic material, assuring an optimum life expectancy suitable for all types of flat roof construction and application methods. This membrane offers a quick, simple and economical installation with benefits including a dirt-resistant smooth surface that allows moisture to escape from the roof across the entire membrane surface, resistance to radiation damage and a fire load five times lower than a built-up felt roof.

Alwitra Evalastic single-ply membranes consist of high-quality, 100% recyclable EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). This rubber roofing membrane is an environmentally-friendly alternative free from bitumen, PVC, plasticizers and chlorine, offering superior waterproofing, outstanding resistance to chemicals, extreme temperature tolerance (-40℃ to 100℃) and long-term performance in severe weather conditions. Another environmental feature of Awitra Evalastic is that rainwater does not get polluted by the membrane and can be collected for later use.

Alwitra Roofing

Danosa PVC Membranes

All Roofing also offers single-ply PVC membranes from British manufacturer Danosa as an option for projects where cost control is a priority consideration. These membranes are lightweight, highly flexible, have excellent tear resistance and come reinforced with different carriers including fleece backed, polyester net and glass fibre mat.

If you are considering a flat roof installation or replacement, get in touch with All Roofing to discuss your requirements and request a free quotation.

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