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Canford Cliffs

Canford Cliffs Case Study

Our next case study is about a 9 year old property in Canford Cliffs which was a NHBC registered build, in other words, signed off by one of the country’s most well known and respected house building council-insurance companies. This house builder is currently still building houses. Our client received a full insurance payout that covered all our work.

What was the problem?

This roof was installed very badly with no falls and insufficient drainage, resulting in up to 4 inches of standing water.

1) Causing leaks through badly installed membrane laps

2) Excessive weight from the amount of water on a roof not designed to take the weight

3) In winter this freezes and causes heat loss

Canford Cliffs Case Study

 What was the solution?

  • We installed an ADDITIONAL tapered warm room on top of the existing 150mm flat insulation
  • Created new gutters around the perimeter
  • Produced extra drainage outlets
  • Lastly, capped the perimeter walls with our aluminum capping

This property was suffering a serious water ingress problem all around the perimeter which was mostly unseen inside the property. Therefore, risking serious structural damage if this problem was left. We provided an in-depth inspection with a report and made sure the customer received an insurance payout before the 10-year policy expiry date.

The customer was very grateful and gave us a 5-star Trust Pilot review.

Is this problem common?

This type of problem with high-end properties in the area is unfortunately fairly common. All Roofing have extensive experience in correcting and putting right badly installed roofing systems. We also have experience in dealing with insurance companies, surveyors and undertake professional diagnosis/ in-depth inspection with a report which may save you a lot of money!

Contact our professional and reliable team today if you feel your roofing system has not been installed correctly.

Canford Cliffs Case Study

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