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Martello Road, Canford Cliffs

Marello Road

In August 2020, All Roofing were contacted by a customer who had a water ingress problem on their balcony.

After a thorough investigation we concluded that the problem was due to incorrectly installed waterproofing membrane and balustrade system. This was due to a miss management of trades and incompetent developers. Also, in this instance, the developer went bust. 

Marello Road

What did we do?

We stripped the whole terrace area back to the concrete.

Marello Road

We then rebuilt the timber/ply to correct falls.

Marello Road

The balustrade system was redesigned so it was free to drain onto the membrane. Then new aluminum fascia’s and soffits were installed as well as new porcelain tiles on pedestals. 

Marello Road

This job took a month and the customer was very happy with the finished product. They now have peace of mind that the balustrade system has been correctly installed.

Do you have balcony/terrace problems or a leaking balustrade system? Here at All Roofing we do lots of remedial works in the area fixing these common problems in new construction projects.

If your property has a similar problem then please, call us today and our friendly customer service team would be delighted to speak to you.

Marello Road

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