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Haven Road, Poole

Haven Road Poole - Flat Roofing

Last summer we had the pleasure to be working with a client who wanted a modern makeover. In particular, they wanted a high-quality cladding which was up to fire standards to cover the fake stone covering the property. We decided to choose a popular brand Trespa which matched the client’s needs.

Haven Road

What is Trespa?

Trespa is a High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) that is made by compressing impregnated paper or wood fibres, epoxy, phenolic or polypropylene resin at a high pressure and temperature. Therefore, resulting in a high-quality sliding product that can withstand harsh weather. Due to its closed, non-porous surface it is exceptionally easy to clean and very UV resistant. Trespa is also heat-resistant and meets the requirements of national and international fire standards for safe fire behaviour. The panel material does not melt, drip or explode upon heating and retains its stability for a long period of time.  

Haven Road Flat Roofing

What did we do?

We covered up all the artificial stone cladding and replaced the roof at the same time. This property had a whole new makeover to achieve that modern look.

Originally, this property was not built correctly 8 years ago and during our inspection we noticed a lot of standing water on the roof. Subsequently a whole new roof covering was created which resolved these problems. The top of the walls were also capped with aluminium capping.

This seems to be an occurring theme in this area of badly built properties who are then sold to unsuspected house buyers.

The client was extremely happy and we enjoyed working on this property.

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